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How to Build, Run, and Deploy Bioinformatics Apps to the Cloud in Minutes

The cloud can be a dark and painful obstacle for bioinformaticians. Cloud deployment demands a significant amount of expertise, configuration, and management. Even for experienced computational scientists, the learning curve is steep. Getting it right involves many steps — not to mention DevOps support, which may not always be readily available. There has to be an easier way. Let Code Ocean show you how cloud deployment can be as easy as building on a local environment. In this webinar, you’ll learn to build, run, and deploy apps to the cloud in minutes. It really is that simple.

We’ll cover helpful topics such as:

  • How to install custom software and build from source (e.g., from GitHub)
  • How to package and run apps in the cloud (we’ll share an example using a Docker container and AWS)
  • How Code Ocean simplifies this process, including one-click deployment
  • How to easily deploy to end users using App Panel
    And more!

Our Speaker

Frank Zappulla, Head of Scientific Computing


Frank is Head of Scientific Computing at Code Ocean. With 15+ years of experience in molecular biology research and computing fields, he has had the opportunity to work in microbiology labs in pharma and academia, a vaccine development group with the federal government, and research IT supporting researchers at a large non-profit laboratory focused on genetics and genomics. He is passionate about helping researchers build and develop computational skills and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others.

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