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Breaking Barriers: Speed Up Time To Your Next Scientific Breakthrough

While computational housekeeping can slow down scientific progress, more efficient systems speed up the time to your next breakthrough. See how Code Ocean supports bioinformatics and computational science for a focus on architecture, not fire-drill responses to user errors.

You’ll learn important topics, including:

  • How to build more efficient systems for R&D, while decreasing R&D operational and DevOps costs
  • How to enable your bench scientists to handle big data without building the infrastructure from scratch – You’ll speed up onboarding, gain faster access to code, and decrease the time to execute workflows from months to minutes.
  • How each Bioinformatics and Computational Scientist can be a data architect – not a support ticket triage!
  • And more!

Our Speaker

June Snedecor, Head of Application Sciences

June is the Head of Application Sciences at Code Ocean. She has worked with NGS data for the past eight years, designing and deploying analysis tools such as the RNA fusion calling portion of Trusight Oncology 500 (Trusight Tumor 170) and the SNP kinship analysis for Verogen’s Kintelligence platform. Before that, she was a computational scientist in proteomics at UCSF and UCSD and a cheminformatics specialist at UCSF and Biovia.

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