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Our common goal is to help researchers move discoveries forward

Headquartered in midtown Manhattan NY with an office in Tel Aviv and employees remotely located throughout the US, we are a growing team who come from both academic and technology backgrounds. Our common goal is to help researchers move discoveries forward.

Simon Adar
Simon Adar CEO
Vered Birenboim
Vered Birenboim Executive Assistant to the CEO & Office Manager
Wendy Brown
Wendy Brown Sales Development Representative
Jamie Chen
Jamie Chen Customer Success Associate
Ram Dayan
Ram Dayan CTO
Ori Drori
Ori Drori Front-end Team Leader
David Eskenazi
David Eskenazi Product Designer
Ronit Eylam
Ronit Eylam Technical Talent Acquisition
Shahar Frumkin
Shahar Frumkin Head of Customer Success
Zvika Gart
Zvika Gart Chief Architect
Erez Giladi
Erez Giladi Head of R&D
Gerry Grenier
Gerry Grenier Support Publishing, STM Publishing Alliances
Avishag Hirsh
Avishag Hirsh Talent Acquisition
Marty Kahn
Marty Kahn Chairman
Shay Katz
Shay Katz Back-end Developer
Andy Keane
Andy Keane COO
Daniel Koster
Daniel Koster Director of Product
Shem Levy
Shem Levy Front-end Developer
Alicia Liu
Alicia Liu Solutions Scientist
Shira Lotan
Shira Lotan Front End Engineer
Shay Peleg
Shay Peleg Junior Front End developer
Angel S.
Angel S. Front-end Developer
Emily So
Emily So Bioinformatics Scientist
Or Tarab
Or Tarab DevOps Consultant
Stephen Pirpinias
Stephen Pirpinias Application Scientist
Iain R. Buchanan
Iain R. Buchanan Customer Success Manager
Tarek Elhage
Tarek Elhage VP Finance
Imelda Khoo
Imelda Khoo VP of Marketing
Maxim Kuleshov
Maxim Kuleshov Application Scientist
Doron Shalev
Doron Shalev Back End Engineer
Jake Valsamis
Jake Valsamis Customer Success
Ben Even Tsur
Ben Even Tsur DevOps Engineer
Eyal Falk
Eyal Falk Back End Engineer
Frank Zappulla
Frank Zappulla Application Science Lead
Ofer Zadaka
Ofer Zadaka Integration Engineer
Sandra L. Hoffberg
Sandra L. Hoffberg Application Scientist
Kristine Price-Dicaire
Kristine Price-Dicaire Sr. Customer Success Manager
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