Everything to create, publish, & share reproducible research

“If you have to recreate from scratch the analysis code or if you have issues running the provided code, it will likely be a labor intensive, lengthy and risky (you may not succeed) initiative…most people will not even try.”

Benjamin Haibe-Kains, PhD, Princess Margaret Cancer Ctr, University Health Network,
Associate Professor in the Medical Biophysics department, University of Toronto

Freedom to create, organize, and share reproducible discoveries

Academic researchers and organizations can openly collaborate, share code and data, and produce higher quality computational research.

  • Integrated user experience and workflows
  • Configurable computational tools & environments
  • Streamlined collaboration with integrated repository
  • Self-service, cloud-hosted

Satisfy funders mandates & receive a DOI for your capsules

Increase collaboration with your team from the start in developing your analysis and prompting new insights.  Start your projects with the goal of reproducibility.

  • Effortlessly sharing of computational code and data

  • Sharing with cohorts outside your team with view only privileges

  • Easily allow others to build upon your work

  • Save time and guarantee reproducibility

Create a better lab - everything from curation to collaboration

Allows Principal Investigators to systematically curate the code and data that generated results.

  • Work collaboratively in the cloud ensuring that code and data are preserved
  • Easily access and view work in progress

  • Reduce the amount of time your team spends on Devops

  • Facilitate reuse and build on previous team members work

  • Onboard your staff faster

Showcase higher quality, reproducible results

As a researcher, you are more than just a collection of articles. Much of the value of your research is in the analysis, code and data.

  • Verification of published Compute Capsules

  • A DOI for these first class research objects so recognition can be properly attributed.

  • Easily allow others to reproduce your findings without having to contact you or your team.

Allows institutions to promote their first class research

Code and data are fast becoming the most important research artifacts.  Easily share executable code and data allowing others to build upon previous research without having to reconstruct the computing environments.

  • Facilitate higher quality, reproducible research, using FAIR principles

  • Streamline earlier stage collaborations between industry and academia

  • Individual researchers have access to thousands of research results organized and preserved for fast sharing and reuse

  • Preservation with the CLOCKSS Network and DOI Minting

Get Started for Free

Looking to create and publish reproducible, computational research with Code Ocean Compute Capsules, sign up for a free account:

  • Access to all published research
  • Git hosting
  • Computational workbench & tools
  • Compute capsule export
  • Peer review support
  • 20 GB storage
  • Monthly compute hours for academics
  • Access to verification services
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