Single-cell RNA-Seq: How to Expand and Improve Your Computational Research Capabilities

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There are multiple challenges when it comes to single-cell RNA-Seq (scRNA-seq), including the process of performing analyses and keeping track of results from all involved. Setting up a computational environment for analysis can be difficult, and one-off analyses are seldom tracked with associated code or input data.

Given the extremely diverse nature of computational biology teams — usually encompassing experts of different backgrounds — optimizing the presentation of results requires an interactive, detailed visualization of the data that is easy and intuitive for any researcher, on any team, to navigate and derive their own conclusions.

In this guide, learn:

  • Common challenges with single-cell RNA-Seq research
  • How to simplify and improve single-cell RNA-seq research
  • How to get started with Code Ocean capsules using the Shiny Cell Workstation
  • And more!

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