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How Leading Biotech Companies are Speeding Up Time to Scientific Discoveries

Life sciences, pharmaceuticals, and biotech are currently undergoing a massive digital transformation to modernize infrastructure and enable scientists to better
collaborate. However, scientists are part of a fiercely creative yet chaotic process — largely because of disorganized data utilization and insight generation.

With scientists working in ad hoc environments, their results become scattered across multiple computing devices and systems. And as scientists come and go,
years of research leave with them. There is no standard for control and visibility, and no single pane of glass for viewing assets, progress, and results. This all slows down the speed of scientific discoveries. But speed alone is an illusion if the process behind the results can’t be trusted or reproduced.

Code Ocean has found a better way to support scientists — including infrastructure engineers, computational scientists, bench scientists, and decision-makers — from initial data ingestion to final decision-making.

Download this free case study to see how three top biotech companies are speeding up their scientific discoveries using Code Ocean, while maintaining the trust and reproducibility of their results.

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