Code Ocean is on AWS Marketplace

Code Ocean, together with AWS, lets you build and deploy your bioinformatics applications to the cloud in minutes – even if you don’t have extensive knowledge of the AWS ecosystem.

Easily Apply AWS Credits

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Bring efficiency, cost savings, and reproducibility to your R&D process

Trusted, Reproducible Science

Consistent, durable, and reproducible results. Track and reproduce every discovery through its path of data and code. Automated tracking gives you and your decision makers peace of mind. 

Boost Creativity and Efficiency in Your R&D Process

With Code Ocean, everyone on the research team can collaborate across the entire research lifecycle. Access to environment and data are all in one place – including data analysis, no-code wet lab, and computational workflows. That means research IT, computational and domain scientists, and internal and external decision-makers work in one place.

Save on Costly IT and Ops Resources

Code Ocean eliminates onboarding headaches and troubleshooting nightmares among your domain scientists and computational scientists, which means faster onboarding, and faster access to code, data, and workflow execution.

Code Ocean is available on AWS Marketplace

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