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Introducing the future of visualization: See how Code Ocean delivers actionable insights for biotech companies. Watch on-demand.

Visual Pipelines Guide

See how Code Ocean’s game-changing Visual Pipeline Builder simplifies building a bulk RNA-Seq.

Working as One Team

Imagine your team looking less like a frantic relay race and more like a synchronized swim team. Yair Benita (AION Labs) shares best practices.

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The Digital Lab for Computational Scientists

Start faster. Reproduce reliably. Focus on science.

The Digital Lab for Computational Scientists

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Where Great Computational Research is Created, Organized, and Shared

One workspace for computational research

Code Ocean standardizes the research workflow to create, track, and share computational experiments

  • Pre-configured environments: R, Python, Matlab, C/C++
  • Simple, automated access to the cloud
  • Manage cloud data as simple folders
  • Collaborate in groups with access permissions
  • Centralized repository for projects, results, and data
Computational Research Cloud Platform
Computational Reproducibility

The Reproducible Capsule: Container technology designed for science

The Reproducible Capsule is founded on Open Science principles. The format is open and exportable. Each Capsule is a self-contained computational experiment with computing environment, code, data, version history, and results. Reproduce Capsule results today or years from now.

How It Works

Compute Capsules, our foundational container for science, help the coding scientist combine bioinformatic pipelines and secondary analysis in one place.

Computational Research Cloud Platform

Solutions for the Community of Computational Research

Our community in academic research, leading publications, and companies each play a part in driving discoveries forward. We are dedicated to closing their technology gaps.

For Companies

For Companies

Computational biology and chemistry teams creating, executing, sharing, reusing computational analysis

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For Academia

For Academia

Academia community creating, executing, publishing, educating, and sharing research work

Explore/Publish Research
For Publishers

For Publishers

 Publishers verifying, publishing, and governing executable code and data embedded in published research

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