Case Study

How Sema4 Is Shortening Time to Innovation

How Sema4 Is Shortening Time to Innovation by Increasing Productivity Through the Use of Code Ocean Compute Capsules™

Code Ocean client Sema4 collects, aggregates, and analyzes large amounts of complex clinical and genomic data, which presented challenges for the fast-paced, rapidly growing company handling an extensive portfolio of projects and an ever-growing computational research team.

Their goal? Set up a consistent, scalable, shared environment that allows for fast, automated and secure access by researchers with different expertise and guarantees consistent results.

Download the case study to learn how they achieved their goal.

"It's like night and day. The Code Ocean platform has made us significantly more efficient in onboarding and closing gaps in technology skills. Compute Capsules have cut down on the time it takes new team members to be up and running and allows them to focus from day one on research rather than getting set up for their work."
Scott Newman, PhD
Senior Director of Precision Oncology, Sema4
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